The Team

Nebo Restaurant & Lounge - Deni Srdoč team
"We enjoy our job and offer our customers an authentic fine dining experience - with the Mediterranean character that sets us apart.’’
Hilton Rijeka Costabella Beach Resort & Spa
  • Lucija Matijevic

  • Restaurant manager
    After graduating from the Faculty of Cultural Studies, Lucija finds her happiness in gastronomy. Her love for wine rose to the hights of third level sommelier membership at the Croatian Sommelier Club. She is the first woman in Croatia to achieve such high recognition. At the age of 25, she leaves with her family to Norway where she specialises in the cod, salmon and other national Norwegian dishes. After her return to Croatia, she becomes the manager of a sushi restaurant in Opatija, where she meets chef Deni Srdoč. Together they look forward to new challenges and reaching new heights of Croatian gastronomy at Nebo Restaurant & Lounge.
  • Mario Štokić

  • Sous Chef
    An undestined water polo player, first-rate local chef, a student at the Technical Faculty - Department of Mechanical Engineering, all this and much more is our Mario. This young man did not find himself in anything except water polo, and whilst he aspired to nothing in particular, his passion for cooking, which drove everyone crazy, led him to Nebo Rijeka. A huge fan of spearfishing; the love which he transfers to creative and modern fish dishes. Effort, work and passion are just a few virtues he brings to our kitchen on a daily basis. His endless love for cooking has firmly established him in the position of a sous chef. Side by side with our chef Deni, he is in charge of creating the most artful of our dishes, combining high-quality craftsmanship with sophisticated individuality.
  • Gabriela Filca

  • Junior Sous Chef
    Gabriela has always been surrounded by healthy, ecologically grown food from her own garden, where it all actually started! From a young age she began to acquire work habits and the process of knowing the food from the planting to the dish on the table. The first cooking experience was with her mother who has taught her all the family roots recipes. In just a few years working with our chef Deni she developed to a position of junior sous chef with her hard work and passion for the food.
  • Tomislav Mikinac

  • Head Sommelier
    Coming from a gastro family with a long history, Tomislav continued his journey through the secondary catering school in Opatija. After graduation, he spent eight years working at Liburnia Hotels and the renowned restaurant Draga di Lovrana, where chef Deni Srdoč gained his first Michelin star. He is currently completing the third level certificate at the Croatian Someliere Club as well as the third level of WSET. Tomislav carries the champion status of Istria & Kvarner 2019 as the youngest winner at the age of 25.
  • Tomislav Busija

  • Sommelier
    Tomislav fell in love with wine by working in various bars and restaurants. He began his education in the same direction and completed the 2nd level certificate at the "Croatian Sommelier Club". He is now preparing to join one of the world's most elite wine organizations "Court of Master Sommelier".